Tax preparation services have been sharing customer information, including financial information with Face Book. Why? In part, like so much else, so FB can target advertising. Once again, you are the product.

What is going on inside the Republican Party? There’s the New Right, the Old Right, the Far Right, and maybe more.

COVID has effects in the brain that last a while, but how bad and for how long?

Humans do a lot of magical thinking. What is it for?

Burning fossil fuels, besides putting CO2 in the atmosphere causing climate change, also produces tiny particles of soot and such called aerosols which are bad for critters like us who breathe them. The catch is that the aerosols also help block the solar heat and slow the warming. Where does that leave us?

Speaking of CO2, it has been nearly impossible to effectively study some photosynthesizing bacteria in the oceans which eat CO2. A way has been found to learn more about them.

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