Ride, ride, ride



The merry-go-round keeps spinning.

I used to think life was a roller coaster with all its ups and downs but when I look back I see it’s really more of a merry-go-round that spins at different speeds.

Merry-go-rounds are always more enjoyable when you have someone to ride them with.  And then you need someone to push you.  You spin just enough to sit and enjoy your friends and watch the surroundings slowly spin by.  Life just happens and it feels like everything works.  Everyone is enjoying the ride.  Life is good.

Sometimes the person pushing is spinning you too fast.  You lose sight of your surroundings and the only thing you can do is to hold tight.  You focus everything on trying not to fall off.  It feels like the ride will never end and you aren’t sure if you have the strength to stay on .  You know…

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