Biden’s War Story: Gaffe, Lie, or Common Memory Error?

Calico Jack – Uncle Joe, memory, and story telling while being human

The Psy of Life

We all know the story about Biden’s scurrilous blatant lie about his war story! You know how he single handily won Pork Chop hill during the Viet Nam War while we defeated Hitler in the trenches with all the mustard gas? You know, that one?

I’mma make two points: (1) Ol’ Handsome Joe is a human being and (2) what the actual fuck is wrong with our press corpse as the kids like to say — I mean, they say, what the actual fuck and not calling the press corps, the press corpse. I am calling the press corps the press corpse because it so… okay, I’m sure you get it.

Here’s the story as reported by Nicole Wallace on Deadline White House on MSNBC. Okay, she quoted the Washington Post, but here’s what she said the post said. Biden got these…

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