I want the Classic Editor, not this block garbage.

LuckyOtter does not like the Block Editor

Lucky Otters Haven

WordPress really doesn’t care about the people who use it. Gutenberg has been forced on us, and I hate it. I don’t think in blocks. I don’t think most writers do. I know numerous bloggers have complained about this forced change, but all we get from the WP staff is some passive aggressive comment about “being unwilling to learn something new” and a condescending attitude. They don’t care about writers anymore. As soon as Gutenberg becomes the only choice in 2022, I’m gone. Probably to Medium, which seems to be a better platform for people who want to write.

In the meantime though, if I want to write, supposedly there is a way to access the Classic Editor, but I have no idea how. I looked it up in the forums and all I saw was that it can be accessed from the Admin page. That’s it. Well, I did…

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One thought on “I want the Classic Editor, not this block garbage.

  1. He for sure is not alone. The new editor for me seems a nightmare on top of Google her systems of Google Sites and Blogger changing as well. Luckily after many complaints, Blogger has found some solution in between. Big old Google Sites were not able to convert nor to bring them over to other forms, so I manually had and have to split them down and place manually all the articles (this time in different) websites (each language in its own website this time).

    For WordPress I am still searching for a good solution, though I am already pleased I found one way to edit in the Classic editor without having to pay to get the Plugin Classic (which you should be able to get in your subscription.)

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